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    Round 1 of the 1st Distinguished Insurance Planning and Wealth Management Innovation (IPWMI) Award has been finished. Result for round 1 has been released on 30 April 2020 (Thursday) in the Official Websites of IPWMI Award.



    Page of Round 1 Award Result:



    Final Round of the award: Video Presentation, which will be held between 30 May 2020 to 13 June 2020, stay tuned with us for the updated news in the coming future.




    • Established in January 2019, Academy of Insurance (AoI) is a non-profit making training institute with a goal to enhancing the professional management skills, expertise and knowledge of the local insurance practitioners and professionals. AoI carries a mission to impart insurance knowledge and product awareness and understanding to the community. With this in mind, we plan to work closely and collaborate with the regulator, insurance industry practitioners, academic and training institutions.
    • AoI puts emphasis on management and leadership development training. To that end, concerted training efforts and considerable resources will be made in the areas of global and interdisciplinary perspectives to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the industry managers and leaders so as to maintain Hong Kong as a leading international financial centre.



    Our Vision:

    • Envisions to develop as one of the leading education and training institutes in the insurance field. To that end, AoI makes its best endeavour to execute the PRIME mission.

    Our Mission:

    • Takes social responsibility and makes contributions to the community through the offering of quality education and training programs and services and the execution of PRIME at the highest level of service excellence.
    • To cultivate PRIME (Perceptive, Responsibility, Innovation, Motivation, and Ethics), AoI is committed to:
      • Cultivating participants to utilize and apply knowledge in their business fields;
      • Developing responsible and insightful managers and leaders to enhance their abilities to create value for the community and the organization they work for;
      • Engaging in innovative and high-impact and knowledge-based training methodology;
      • Encouraging industry practitioners and professionals to be proactive and motivated in pursuing knowledge and truth; and
      • Gearing them with business ethics and moral principles.


    The Advisory Board of the Academy of Insurance (AoI) consists of prominent industry leaders and practitioners, related academic scholars. We plan to invite regulator representative to join the Board.


    • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program

    Classroom & e-learning mode


    • Certificate Program

    It is designed for participants to acquire knowledge of various selected topics related to the insurance industry at the intermediate and advanced level.


    • Professional Training

    Aimed to support the training objectives of insurance professionals so as to enrich their knowledge and skills in a particular business-oriented subject focusing on the practicality to real situations.


    • Event

    Various events will be organized to educate the community to gain a comprehensive picture and understanding of the insurance products and services.


    • E-learning

    Using the state of art technology, AoI will conduct classes in e-learning and/or blended learning modes.


    • Executive Director
      • Dr. Edward Tsui


    Dr. Tsui has over 40 years’ excellent track record of developing and managing sizable financial and trade information, training and education businesses in the Asia Pacific Region. As a veteran in the credit risk management field, he pioneered the concept of credit risk and receivable management in HK, China and North Asian countries. Dr. Tsui is the founding member of Dun & Bradstreet HK overseeing operations in HK, China, Taiwan and Korea and The Philippines. He has been active in the education and training field in the past 15 years, Dr. Tsui earned a Bachelor Degree at HKU.


    • Chief Executive Officer 
      • Dr. Raymond Lee

    Dr. Lee maintains over 20 years’ experiences in the training field of investment and financial planning. He frequently participates as keynote/guest speaker in forums and seminars conducted by Government, universities, professional associations, banking and insurance companies. In this respect, he was awarded as an “Excellent Instructor” by the Hong Kong Securities Institute. As an External Examiner / Assessor of various licensing and professional examinations, Dr. Lee also served as Member of the Advisory Panels for the Enhanced Competency Framework (ECF) for Banking Practitioners on Treasury Management, Retail Wealth Management and Private Wealth Management, which was implemented by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA). Dr. Lee has earned several academic awards including Doctorate Degree in Business Finance and Master of Philosophy degrees in Accountancy and Law as well as in Economics and Finance and Bachelor (Honors) degree in Business Administration. He is a Certified Financial Advisor, and full member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute.


    • Executive Program Director
      • Mr. Raymond Hung

    Raymond Hung possesses intensive experience and comparable knowledge in the insurance industry. Over the past 30 years, he has held top management positions in several leading insurance organizations where he has delivered outstanding performance in sale and corporate management. Currently, he devotes considerable time and efforts in training the industry professionals in HK and China. He was appointed as guest speaker at Guangdong University of Finance and Economics. As a founder of a consulting firm, he carries a mission to share good practices and industry knowledge with counterparts. Raymond holds a MBA degree.


    Our professional training activities are supported by an excellent team of highly qualified and experienced trainers.


    • Dr. YC Chan


    Dr. Chan, an experienced enterprise adviser, has been providing lots of advisory services to various corporations. In 2007, Dr. Chan Obtained Medal of Honor by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He has published over 50 books and more than 10,000 articles and is a feature column writer for many newspapers and magazines. He is frequently invited to television, radio broadcast, and press in China, Hong Kong, and Singapore to give his views.


    • Dr. Joey Wan


    Dr. Wan had over 20 years of experience in brand, distribution, sales and marketing management for MNCs. He has achieved his Doctoral degree at Hong Kong Baptist University, while his research focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship. He was accredited as the Chief Drucker Educator at Peter F. Drucker Academy. With his experience and unique interactive teaching approach, he has conducted various training courses for various corporations and NGOs in leadership, management, innovation and strategy with excellent results.


    • Dr. Taylor Chan


    Dr. Chan has a strong background and working experience with Chinese corporations, especially in the field of cross-cultural management and branding strategy. Dr. Chan is a lecturer of various universities and achieved his Doctoral Degree at the Walden University, USA. His teaching and training focus are brand management, e-business, management, and block-chain and fin-tech.


    • Mr. Jimmy Chan


    Mr. Chan has achieved his MBA degree in the United States, served in banks, securities firms and listed financial institutions for many years, and holds a Financial Risk Manager (FRM) professional qualification from the Global Risk Management Professionals Association (GARP). He has been working for securities funds, futures, personal wealth management and business management, and training of financial talents in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. He has published investment reviews in financial newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and abroad, as well as in television media. Mr. Chan was invited to serve as an investment course and qualification examination instructor at the Hong Kong Investment & Securities Institute; Professional Qualification Test Instructor and Chief Examiner at Hong Kong Institute of Bankers Wealth Manager (CFMP) Program (2005 - Present); instructors at various universities in Hong Kong; and the lecturer of the "Investment Scholars" course of the Hong Kong Economic and Business College (2009 - Present).


    • Mr. Simon Fan


    Mr. Fan has over 25 years’ working experience in the wealth management field. He has worked in various financial institutes including bank, fund house, and insurance company, and was responsible for sales, marketing, investment consultation, product development, and training. He has witnessed how the changes in the financial market affect the emotions and behaviors of investors, and he knows how financial institutes adjust their marketing strategy according to the market trends. He also has an in-depth understanding of different financial products in the market, and how financial planners should help clients make appropriate investment plans based on the client’s financial circumstances and personality.


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